The Structure of Human Self-Awareness



  • Part I: The Structure of Human Self-Awareness
    • Emotional layer
    • Quality of the connection
    • Perception of reality
    • Emotional body
    • Internal regulator
    • Missed deeper layer
    • The mechanics
    • The structure of human self-awareness
    • Disruptions in the mechanics
    • Correction of the misalignment
    • Mini unit of the principle
  • Part II: Mitochondria as the Center of Awareness
    • DNA to DNA communication
    • Duality, separation and self-awareness
    • Mitochondrial collective consciousness
    • Mitochondria in oocyte
    • Mitochondrial chakra system
    • Creation
    • Mitochondrial DNA
    • Internal heat
    • Imbalance between ATP and internal heat production
    • Cold
  • Same thing, different scale
  • Future research

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The Structure of Human Self-Awareness

Katarzyna Dodd, MA, MA

Published: January 2023

In our times we have amazing scientific knowledge about so many things, technology is developing so fast we can barely keep up with it, and there is much more on the horizon. Especially exciting are the findings in the area of Unified Field, where we can finally see that everything is the same principle expressing itself in a myriad different ways. Although more understanding leads to the invention of more sophisticated technology, there is still a huge gap between connecting the basic mechanics of space with the human experience as a human. It looks better in the area of physical health, where devices can be used to heal physical issues, but what about the human experience? Yes, we have bodies, but we are distinct human beings in those bodies. We have different personalities, different behaviors, different temperaments, different Selves, different passions, different emotional systems and life paths. This area is still not well understood in terms of the fundamental dynamics. The inner experience is still in a domain of philosophy, spirituality, theology, speculative psychology, maybe a priest or shaman. In mainstream science, human experience is explained mostly in terms of physical body and its chemistry, and the inner experience must be a result of “chemical balance or imbalance”. Well, the chemical imbalance is a result, not the cause. The Inner Self is still viewed as some kind of invisible, vague construct that nobody knows of its origins.

And what if the Inner Self is a direct reflection of the dynamics between black hole and event horizon, expressing itself as human experience? What if human self-awareness comes from certain conditions contained in the event horizon, that allows humans to observe and know themselves?

Human experience and human behavior are not some abstract things happening spontaneously outside of space, they are actually another expression of the same principle that founds everything. By understanding the principle and its mechanics, and seeing it in the form of human experience we gain incredible knowing of who we are, what is our purpose, what is true and what is false, what is Inner Self, what means ‘collective’, and we finally start using the ability of being self-aware as nature intended it. We finally fill the gap between the fabric of the universe and its mechanics, and  the inner world of the human being. It is literally the same, and it’s gravely overlooked and omitted in understanding.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

This paper is based on over 15 years of practice as a therapist (clinical psychologist) and 6 years of research in expanded states of awareness. Expanded states of awareness give the ability to see structures and geometry on the light level, their dynamics and relations, that is the canvas for our reality. Everything described in this paper is based on seeing geometry and its dynamics in expanded states of awareness. I call it “working in the other space”.

I will describe how we see the connection between fundamental mechanisms of space and human behavior, and how it relates through biology and unique to humans (and to some extent other mammals) ability to decode energy flow as emotions.

I will also describe how we see wormholes and light curvature in the structure of human self-awareness, as well as mitochondrial DNA and mitochondrial collective consciousness, that appears to be the basis for human personality and emotional patterns, the good ones and the dysfunctional.


Emotional layer of the human being is seriously missed in understanding the whole of the fundamental mechanisms wrapped in this complete “device” called human being. Perhaps that’s why the human species is lost in their own space. I would risk a statement saying that all human problems, existential, physical, mental and spiritual come from poor relation with the fundamental flow. There is an imbalance between attachment and letting go, coupling and uncoupling, bonding and releasing, causing too much resistance, too much energy used for unnecessary processes, too much waste produced, too many free radicals because of it, too much disharmonious noise in the body’s water, not enough energy to repair damages, and thus we have an inefficient “device” degenerating too fast.

In our research, we found that the poor relation of the organism with the fundamental flow comes from different building blocks being wrongly oriented in relation to the flow of the electromagnetic field. There is a wrong angle in their positioning, and this is enough to cause a distortion of the flow in the circuits. By circuits I understand specific fundamental patterns of light, that are blueprints for various dynamics, founding our reality. The whole geometry is very complex, but there are simple constants (circuits), that repeat themselves throughout the geometry.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

When the circuits become distorted they still work, but there are additional movements and processes deployed trying to compensate for the effects of the wrong angle or misalignment. So the organism becomes less efficient, more exhausted, and ages faster than it should. The flow of information becomes laborious, instead of  traveling the path of least resistance, or effortlessly jumping into the network of tunnels (wormholes). The wrong orientation starts in the structures on a very fundamental light level, and then reverberates going into more complex and dense biological structures, all the way to the spiritual experience of humans.

On the human level we feel this misalignment as a perpetual search for our own Self, loneliness, fear of death, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, lack of joy in life, feeling of no support from life itself, excessive need to control, and compensating mechanisms like attachments to roles and identities, looking for wholeness in wrong places, addictions, and many more. Misalignment also results in a feeling of being “behind the veil”. Only when we are perfectly aligned we can see and go through it.

It is said, that the energy of the fundamental field is love. We can give many romanticized examples of what love is, but speaking more technically, love is the harmonious sum of all emotional frequencies uniting as one. When our emotional level gets aligned like this, even for a moment, we feel love and bliss. It is similar to light. White light is one. When it goes through a prism, it splits into many separate light frequencies or colors. The same with love. This one coherent feeling splits into many separate frequencies, called emotions. Thanks to this phenomena, we can experience different aspects of love, but when they become chaotic and not resonating harmoniously, we get lost inside. “Love and light” frequently go together in human language.

Quality of the connection

Human experience is characteristic to humans and it’s different from the experience of a tree, although at the very bottom there are the same mechanisms. We may think that what differentiates humans from other organisms is the ability to think and reason, but in reality, thinking can’t do its job properly when humans are not well connected to the flow of the field, which in human experience happens through feeling. Thinking becomes then a tool of self-sabotage, limitation, or even destruction. It is not a matter of if we are connected, but how and to what we are connected. This makes an absolute difference. For example a person says “I hate this guy so much, I don’t want to see them in my life ever again”. On the surface we see that those two people are far away from each other, disconnected, however, they are strongly connected through the flow of energy shaped as hate. So it is not about connection itself, but a quality of the connection. Connection can support and heal you, or it can kill you.


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Being human means being able to bond. Bonding happens through the emotional system. The quality and the object of the bonding will determine a person’s life experience. Bonding in life is a reflection of bonding happening on the fundamental levels of molecules or even the light level. Working with coupling and uncoupling on a deep level through frequencies called emotions, changes the perception of reality that determines a person’s life experience.

Perception of reality

Another characteristic that distinguishes human experience from other organisms is that what drives human behavior is not the reality itself, but the perception of reality. This is a “little” addition in humans for developing self-awareness. So even if a person is technically strongly connected to the field, if they perceive this connection as being disconnected, they will feel lonely, unhappy and perhaps want to die. So they are connected through the feeling of disconnection. And whatever humans feel that’s what is real to them, not the reality itself. A powerful and dangerous feature when misused. Native Americans got it right saying that “believing is seeing”. Not the other way around.

The job is to align human perception with reality itself, which produces the feeling of wellness, deep peace and trust, joy of life, love of everything that exists, creativity, perceiving reality beyond the veil, and awareness expanding to the collective mind.  The perception is not some esoteric construct, but a set of mechanisms working properly. When you ask an average person what they really want, it is to feel good about themselves and life, to be happy and peaceful, healthy, passionate. In these inner conditions the system thrives.

Emotional body

Before I get to the mechanics, I’d like say a few more words about the emotional body that is more fundamental than thinking, because thinking is shaped and fueled by what you feel.

E-motion is energy in motion or more precisely, energy in a specific motion (frequency). The human brain is an incredible translator of those energy flows. It decodes the different frequencies as distinct feelings. And as humans we still don’t understand this incredible tool, thus we misuse it.


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The emotional body is the glue of the whole system. Emotions are messengers in the human body that can go everywhere and on every level, because the flow of energy exists on every level. It is amazing that the human brain can decode those flows, be aware of it, understand it and use them as a carrier of awareness to virtually every place in the organism, even on the light level. The emotional system is like a natural built in Rife machine. And through proper movements of awareness, the frequencies inside the system can be reached, neutralized, changed, or enhanced.

Emotions are still seen as something wild and living its own life, that can take over the system, and then you are excused for “acting in the affect”, like in a crime of passion. This kind of explanation is actually a result of helplessness in understanding the emotional layer of our system, because we don’t know how to properly integrate this layer into our wholeness. The integration can happen only through the correct alignment and resonance of different components with the gravitational field flow, not through emotional management, which is another poor form of mind control, unnecessarily consuming more energy. With perfect alignment, there is a feeling that emotions don’t exist because their flow is so effortless, carried by the field itself. Always in harmony, instead of torn apart frequencies. Bliss follows, thus “in the flow”.

Human organism by design is a perfect and whole device that can self-regulate. Technically, there are no external devices needed for the human organism to function properly. But at the current state of evolution of human self-awareness we need and use many external “helpers” to aid the system and slow down its disintegration.

However, if we properly understand the function of the emotional body, less and less external intervention will be needed. To the extent, that at some point the system will turn inside out and will be capable of extending its power and intelligence to devices outside of body and power and direct them.

Internal regulator

The emotional layer of the system is the internal regulator that connects everything inside. This is the layer that we naturally can access with our aware brain, and intelligently direct the flow to every atom of the body. The emotional system carries information from every corner of the organism, and we can use those frequencies to correct misalignment, resistance, wrong connection etc. Depending on what level the awareness can descend to through the emotional highways, we get different types of corrections, from simple tension or trauma release, to physical healings.

So we have this emotional system that is nothing else but a “device” conducting different frequencies, we have the brain that can decode these frequencies naturally,  and it’s time to learn how to use it properly and with benefit to our wholeness. As humanity, we now know much more about trauma healing, unblocking emotions stuck in the system, releasing frozen in the body memories of events that happened in the past, etc.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

Missed deeper layer

However, there is another deeper layer of the emotional system that is not about current problems with feelings, or trauma stuck in the system, but about mechanical misalignment with the field. As a result, the system gets kind of blind to itself, and it produces lots of “hit and miss” movements of awareness. To the point, that at the very deep level everything can become in reverse: what is destructive is felt as constructive, what looks white is black, what seems to be right is wrong, what is felt as the Self is in fact a false identity, what you desire – you hide from, what you want to avoid – you attract,  what you want to let go – you hold on to, etc. This perception, that is like in an analog film negative, comes literally from mechanics being inverted. And we are not aware of it in our conscious mind. We just interpret this perception as an adversity, problem, lack, disconnect, drama, and because it feels like we are “behind a veil” not seeing the solution, we tend to wait for some kind of a savior to rescue us. This inverted perception produces a feeling of the inability to take responsibility for deep processes. It is NOT that there is something wrong with us, it is literally an interpretation of reality coming from the inverted perception, that comes from mechanics being misaligned with the field. These misaligned gears are the original mechanics that enable the system to perceive difficult events as shock and respond with powerlessness, and then store it in the body as trauma; because the wrong alignment in those moments feels like the power is cut off, long enough for the experience to freeze, instead of flowing.


Through experience, practice, work, astute observation and the abilities of working in expanded states of awareness, my research partner and I discovered a fundamental mechanism that corrects the misalignment and destructive resonance.

Working with hundreds of clients and listening to thousand of stories, and at the same time observing the processes in the “other space”, I started noticing, that no matter what happened in peoples’ lives, there is the same dynamic somewhere underneath it all. In time and through additional research with my research partner, the dynamics became more clear and simple, and eventually got refined to a sequence of a few steps.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

We’ve tested it already on dozens of people, and we’ve observed that it is a fundamental constant. No matter where in the system (human organism) you go, on what scale you apply it, it produces the same outcome: wholeness. As a result, people heal on whatever level they were able to access their misalignment.

I’d like to describe in general the fundamental mechanics we observed while exploring the emotional function of the human organism. This observation is not just an image, there are also other qualities that can be felt and sensed. In the form of a very simplified illustration, it looks like this:

At the center there is a phenomenon that feels like fire, but not regular fire. More like an ever-moving plasma, “immortal”, that is bright and warm, but this warmth has a different quality, from what I know.

This plasma is surrounded by some kind of transparent boundary, that keeps it from “spilling”, but allows light through.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

Then there is an area where light travels through, before it hits another boundary, that has a double membrane: inner and outer.

It appears, that in the inner space of the boundary between the membranes, there are elements that act as mirror. There are also gates or portals in the membranes that the light can pass through.

So first, the light travels from the source through the field, goes through the gate in the inner membrane, hits a mirror in the outer membrane, the mirror reflects the light, it turns back, hits a mirror the inner membrane, reflects again and then hits the outer membrane again, but this time it passes through a gate in the outer membrane, and leaves the system as a a concrete frequency / information. Before, it was just a light, and now it is light shaped as or equipped with information.

When I say “gate”, what I mean is that there is a specific frequency that matches the light in a way, that it carries the light through the membrane. With “mirror”, there is a frequency that matches the light in a way that it bends it back, so it turns. The brain can see those frequencies as images, so it describes the experience as a gate, or mirror, or other.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd


This space between membranes where the light bounces, where it curves and goes through gates, is the place, where human self-awareness and self-recognition exists, where human uniqueness is coded, where human personality reveals itself, where human perception of reality happens, where coherence or destruction is produced. Of course human processes are very complex, so it may seem that such a simple description is inadequate. However, this looks like a basic constant that repeats itself no matter how complex the level of human functioning we observe.

It actually started looking like a foundation pattern on the light level, for DNA functioning on the biological level.

In our research we also understood, that the misalignment of the system with the field occurs here, in the dynamics between the membranes. This inner space of the boundary where the light curves, is an independent system, like some optical chamber,  that creates its own field. Its dynamic and function must be aligned with the electromagnetic field, in order for the human being to feel whole, aware, thriving, joyful and healthy.

This space is a structure of human perception, and if the dynamic here is not aligned properly, we create dysfunctional frequencies that turn awareness in a wrong direction. As a consequence, the awareness starts perceiving information like in a “house of mirrors”, and the information gets distorted. On the larger, human organism scale, it translates into people not seeing and understanding themselves and their true Self; this in turn translates into never-ending seeking for something, fulfillment, happiness, something better, or into stress, problems, wrong choices, tragedies, lack of satisfaction, feeling lost in life, health problems etc. And this translates into a bigger collective scale, that we can observe in how we relate to our environment, how we see it and how we treat it. All from this misalignment, wrong curves and distorted reflection on the micro scale in the area between membranes, where self-awareness mechanism originates.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd


Different disruptions of the mechanism become the source of misperception of reality by the human mind structure, that leads to problems in life (loosely speaking).

1. Cloudy, “dirty” boundary – the light emitted from plasma and coming to the area is not pure anymore, but shaped already by some kind of information picked from the “dirty” boundary. It manifests in human perception as an extremely deep beliefs about the Self. This level is indeed very deep in the structure, on the level of survival instincts, close to the source. So working on releasing it feels literally like death. Death of the Self.

2. No gate in the inner membrane, or membrane is shifted and the light can’t go through the gate. It stays in the area between the boundary and the membrane. It manifests as a feeling of the Self being trapped inside, in a cage, alone, disconnected from life and others. The feeling of being completely invisible to others and the world, even if technically person exists. In fact it is the inability to see the own Self, but it is projected as being invisible in life.


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3. “Mirror” in the outer membrane malfunctions (can happen in several ways). Light goes through the first gate, but it can’t be reflected properly. It gets partially entangled with the broken mirror, so when it gets reflected back, it becomes distorted. This results in a strong identification of the Self with wrong beliefs about itself, identification with roles in life that produce false identities without which a person doesn’t know who they are. It is a substitute for perception of the real connection with the source. Releasing those pieces of light “trapped” in the membrane feels like “I don’t know how to live and who I am without it” (“it” being a problematic identity, behavior, set of beliefs, role in life etc.)

4. “Mirror” in the inner membrane malfunctions. Let’s say that all the previous stages of light travel were correct. Pure light goes through the clean boundary, travels through the field, goes through the first gate, hits a perfect mirror, reflects back as uninterrupted information, and then hits a broken “mirror”. Again, some of the light gets stuck, some reflects back and goes through the gate in the outer membrane. This results in knowing who you are, what you want in life, but it’s hard to manifest it in the world. It feels like you are constantly unhappy with who you are, afraid of letting your light “shine in the world”, maybe trapped in perfectionism trying to “correct” the distorted image of yourself, or believing that you need to work hard to deserve acceptance and recognition. Again, you can’t recognize your own Self fully, and you project it onto the world.


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5. No gate in the outer membrane or membrane shifted and the light can’t go through. So everything until now went well, you know who you are, what you want, you take action, everything makes sense and seems obvious, but it feels like you hit a wall again, and again. Obstacles, missed opportunities, bad luck, closed doors etc. Trying to force the wall, instead of going through the opening eventually gets very exhausting.

Usually, there is a combination of all of these conditions, a little bit of every one. There are myriads of possibilities of how the combinations will manifest in person’s life. Error also repeats itself fractally.

In order for life to “go with the flow”, the alignment of those processes must be as precise as possible. The more misalignment or disruption in the sequence, the more resistance in the flow, and a person experiences/perceives life as more problematic and difficult.

No matter how many variations of human life and problems we have, the sequence is a constant. The severity of problems depend not only on how much the sequence is  misaligned, but also on the depth in the structure where the misaligned sequence is. In general, the closer to the source, the more personal it feels, and the more problems in  life and the physical body.


Thanks to our emotional system that connects everything inside on the level of human perception, we can correct the misalignment. By following the emotion, the awareness gets right to the place in the structure, where the misalignment exists. It is actually very simple.

We found a sequence of specific steps that repairs mentioned above disruptions of the mechanism. It uncouples the light trapped by wrong frequencies, it opens gates in the membranes, it cleans the “dirty” boundary, it couples the light with correct structures/frequencies, so it can resonate with the true being, enhancing it and shining out in the world.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

People who go through the process describe almost the same experience, no matter where they start, who they are, what their initial problem is, etc.

1. First in the process, people find a strong resistance to change anything, even if in their conscious mind they want it very much. The beliefs and emotions that surface here are unexpected, opposite to conscious intensions. People find out what really makes them create and sustain their certain condition, and why they hold on to it. There is always a deep reason for it. Not only is it hard to discover, but even harder to let go after they discover it. The bonds here are strong, so even if awareness is connected to incorrect elements creating a problem, it’s still difficult to release.

2. After the bonds are finally dissolved, there is a stage of feeling emptiness and loss, loneliness, grief and fear of not being able to function anymore. This is the stage between releasing wrong bonds and before connecting to correct structures.

  3. When this is released, a new space opens. People describe it as a tunnel or corridor with light. There may be some resisting frequencies here, like being afraid of going there, not trusting that everything is OK, fear of not having control, or feeling of not deserving the goodness. In our understanding it is when a wormhole is being opened.

4. After that usually the whole space becomes bright (light) and after connecting to it and bonding with it, people experience being in a different dimension. We know, that it is literally a different dimension, but not some exotic one, but the correct dimension of the true vibration of the Self. People just get so identified with false identities that they feel them as true and “my one and only”, forgetting what is natural. So when they finally connect to whats true, it feels like enlightenment, and not something normal. The tunnel takes the awareness right back to the correct place.

5. From this new place, people can’t experience their initial problem, because it literally does not exist here in this dimension. It was the property of a false identity in the false dimension. There is a sense of being at home, in the right place, there is a feeling of safety, connection to everything, love and kindness, endless possibilities, knowing yourself deeply in silence, gratitude, not wanting anything, not needing anything, being here and now, etc.

People report, after being in this new/correct dimension of the Self, that they stop fighting the problematic reality, or trying to change it, and they notice, that the reality starts to “magically” change by itself, to their benefit. Synchronicities follow. This is a direct reflection of the fundamental structures being aligned properly, so the light between the source and the boundary flows effortlessly and manifest as information more purely. The awareness is carried by the field itself, and the field always supports and expands the structure.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd


The more we were plunging in the research, the more we realized that our diagram with the source, and the boundary, etc. is a mini-unit of the basic fundamental principle of black hole and event horizon that manifests itself in the form of a human being.

We also noticed that what we call “a problem” in human life comes from a tension in the event horizon. On the one hand the event horizon wants to expand outwards and on the other hand it wants be connected inwards to the source, at the same time.  Connecting inwards can be also felt as compression.

The structure of the event horizon must be well organized, aligned, specialized and intelligent in order for the human being to be self-aware, to see their own Self, know it and understand it, which is the source of joy (connected inward ), and openness to life and the world (projecting/perceiving outside), at the same time. There are different processes responsible for each of the dynamics. When they are mis-oriented, it becomes a source of disfunction on all levels.

In expanded states of awareness, the process of connecting between the source/plasma and the inner membrane looks and feels like warm light, and the process of projecting/perceiving outwards from the outer membrane looks and feels like cold light. In the space between membranes of the event horizon there are processes with gates and mirrors that change the light behavior.

On the level of human experience the space, between the source and the event horizon, is our emotional system, emotional processes, very alive, very active, with very intense frequencies. It should be contained only in this area. and never leak outside, otherwise we develop a whole gamut of wrong emotional attachments and problems.

The space on the outside of the event horizon is our thought processes. This looks and feels very spacious, almost empty, calm, quiet, indifferent, not attaching to anything, having no preference, free flowing and not resisting anything. Thanks to this property, the event horizon has the ability to project/perceive objectively, and expand freely in all directions without imposing any need for control. It looks like the light that got transformed between the membranes, now becomes a pure information on the outside of the outer membrane, not charged with any emotion. It just IS without any meaning or personalized agenda.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

When everything is properly aligned in the structure of the horizon, light flows very coherently between membranes, creating the “zero point” in the middle. The outer membrane of the boundary is used only to project/perceive outside and expand. And the inner boundary is properly oriented inward towards the source and used only to connect to the source. In that scenario, we have an excellent deep self-awareness as a result. But when they are confused about their roles, we have inverted perception, wrong connections, incoherent flow, and thus self-blindness, problems in life and looking for the Self where it doesn’t exist.

The “zero point” actually looks like a vortex. The outer membrane reflects the light coming from the source, as image (which is information), the inner membrane charges it with emotion, and then in the middle a vortex forms. The vortex starts spinning, and through a network of infinite vortices connection, the information manifests in reality in the most adequate way to the information and emotional charge. The vortex does not care if it creates something positive or negative, for the creator, a human being. It’s all about proper alignment of the mechanics.

These mechanics strictly translate into our emotional functioning. For example, when there is a mis-orientation, certain processes that are supposed to happen only inside the unit, “leak” outside charging the outside information with emotion, and in reality it causes that person to be oversensitive and take inside what doesn’t belong to them, like emotions of other people, their stories, etc, to the point of obsessive thinking about something, and worrying uselessly. The list goes on, but it’s beyond the scope of this paper. All because of the misalignment of the structure and inability of the awareness to achieve the “zero point”, because the “zero point” barely exists between the two membranes – the connection point is off center.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

We can recognize this by the amount of problems we see in humanity, that those processes are greatly in reverse. When we analyze deeply the source of human problematic behaviors and decisions, we can see, that there is always some emotional imbalance at the bottom, too much or not enough, “feeling off center” inside. People try to compensate it by various behaviors, and as a result we have arguments, expectations, disappointments, dramas, desperation, crimes, crossing boundaries of others, and many more. And when pushed deeper, we have physical ailments.

We can use the emotional system to correct it. The intelligence of the whole system depends on how specialized and intelligent are the membranes (event horizon) that act as an “exchange station”. And this intelligence translates into the wellbeing of the system.

The sequence of steps we’ve found that corrects the misalignment in the basic constant, teaches the boundary to become more aware and intelligent in using proper dynamics to perceive outwards and to connect inwards. Never the other way around. With this correct setting in the structure, people have strong boundaries, excellent connection to deeper Self, great self-awareness, and very peaceful, sensitive relation with the outside world. Synchronicities and good decisions follow.

In other words, the awareness should always be oriented towards the center (the source/plasma), because only the center is real. Everything else is a reflection. It looks like the center orientation is a foundation of all proper functioning in any organized system. Metaphorically speaking, you always face the center.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd