Mitochondria as the Center of Awareness



  • Part I: The Structure of Human Self-Awareness
    • Emotional layer
    • Quality of the connection
    • Perception of reality
    • Emotional body
    • Internal regulator
    • Missed deeper layer
    • The mechanics
    • The structure of human self-awareness
    • Disruptions in the mechanics
    • Correction of the misalignment
    • Mini unit of the principle
  • Part II: Mitochondria as the Center of Awareness
    • DNA to DNA communication
    • Duality, separation and self-awareness
    • Mitochondrial collective consciousness
    • Mitochondria in oocyte
    • Mitochondrial chakra system
    • Creation
    • Mitochondrial DNA
    • Internal heat
    • Imbalance between ATP and internal heat production
    • Cold
  • Same thing, different scale
  • Future research

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Mitochondria as the Center of Awareness

Katarzyna Dodd, MA, MA

Published: January 2023


Mitochondria appeared in the research in 2017. They were appearing too many times while working with emotional issues and looking in the “other space”, to ignore it. In time, more details emerged.

It became clear, that mitochondria produce light (they look like lightbulbs), and that they are traveling inside a cell through paths that look like light cables. On the larger scale of the whole body we call these “light cables”, meridians. When the flow in the “cables” is interrupted it looks like a dark spot, the light is not there. People on the experiential level feel it as trauma or “negative” emotion, problem, etc. When proper techniques are used, the flow can be restored, and it results in experiencing emotional relief, peace, “problem gone”, etc. People frequently say “it seems that I am brighter inside”. It is not a metaphor, the light literally goes into the blocked spot and it gets brighter inside.

The work with meridians has been known for ages, mostly on the physical level, and recently in human history also on the emotional level, where severe emotional traumas can be effectively released.

However, our attention was brought again and again to the mitochondria themselves. In our observation mitochondria are the heart of the cell, that can “feel”. The cell is the body, and mitochondria are the heart and soul. Meridians are the energetic veins.

Working with hundreds of “cases”, the connection between emotional problems, physical degeneration, mitochondria, energy production, resistance, misalignment, and “wrong curve of light” became more clear. On the biological level, we started seeing our diagram with gates, mirrors, curved light and double membrane, in the function of  mitochondria, and the function of mitochondrial DNA.

It appears, that nuclear DNA is the source of the biological form called human being, and the mitochondrial DNA is the source of what we call personality or character, which is a set of emotional patterns and human behaviors. Because mitochondria come only from female line in human beings, perhaps that’s why, in general, women are more connected to the emotionality.

DNA to DNA communication

As I mentioned before, the sequence of steps we discovered that restore the correct orientation, is a constant.

In our research we noticed our constant between nuclear and mitochondrial DNA connection and communication. There is something extremely crucial and fundamental in it. We see that when the connection and communication between these two are not perfect, everything else follows like domino effect in human experience.

All spiritual practices emphasize the importance of mind and heart connection, saying that wellbeing on all levels depends on this connection, that it must be coherent in order for the human being to be healthy, peaceful, kind and aware. Well, this connection originates in the nuclear and mitochondrial DNA connection. Mind and heart.

We noticed, that this connection happens through tunnels, that are different than “optic cables” or meridians. These tunnels are like wormholes. And the wormholes are not well traveled by the information, when the mitochondria are not well oriented towards the nuclear DNA. We see, that in order for the wormholes to become accessible, mitochondria must be all the time oriented towards nuclear DNA like the north in the compass. Whichever direction you turn, the nucleus is always the “north”, or the center. The position of mitochondria must be locked on the center, and never let go. The wormholes then are always accessible for travel and super-fast communication. This communication is diametrically faster than “optic cable” communication.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

In these correct conditions, on the level of human experience it feels like you are always at home, you are whole, you have complete trust that everything is well, you don’t need to control anything, because the flow takes you where you need to be. With this type of connection the mind rests in the arms of the field, finally doing its job of observing, instead of controlling (which is a sign of bad connection).

We observed that coherence between those two is impossible when the first condition is not fulfilled, which is the proper “north” or center orientation locked always in place. We called this first condition INHERENCE. There is no coherence without inherence first. The definition of inherence is: the state of being inherent or permanently present in something; indwelling; inseparable and essential connection; permanent and intrinsic existence in something; innate; basic.

Our process, we called Inherence™, restores the proper orientation between those two structures. After it’s locked in place, the rest is just a bliss. Coherence is a natural consequence. It manifests not only in how person feels, but in physical action in the world.

NOTE: To make it clear, the human system has billions of mitochondria. When we do the process, we work first with what is most obvious and problematic in people’s’ lives. So like with the Ariadne’s thread, we start with the problem in life, and then the process takes the awareness down to the problematic mitochondria, where the proper center orientation can be restored. We are aware, that other mitochondria are not corrected automatically, at the same time, but we are working on finding ways to get to the deeper layers of the human structure, where not only some mitochondria can be corrected, but whole groups. Whole groups of mitochondria correspond with larger parts of one’s personality and human experience.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

Duality, separation and self-awareness

In order to produce self-awareness, there must be at least two objects: the observer and the observed. So there must be some kind of separation of Self. This could be a great philosophical or spiritual debate, but we are finding on the more mechanical level, that on the biological level this condition can be provided by two different entities in one cell.

It is said, that one human organism naturally can’t have two different sets of DNA (unless you are a chimera). But in fact, every human has two different sets of DNA: nuclear and mitochondrial. Mitochondrial DNA kept its separateness, and not only is it separate, but it is a different species. Mitochondrial DNA looks and behaves nothing like the nuclear DNA. Thus, we are two distinct beings on the DNA level.

The relationship between them sets the stage for self-awareness – we are two species in one. Maybe it is hard to prove it on the very mechanical level under a microscope, but during expanded states of awareness in our research, we can clearly see the dynamics between those two beings. They are separate beings through different form and formation, but they are one in functioning, unable to live without each other. The dynamic between them can be felt as union, marriage, body and soul, mind and heart, forever commitment, and their DNAs have a special connection through a network of wormholes.

So this union of the two different species provides an opportunity for feeling separate from your own Self, because there are literally two selves, even if you are still one organism. All eukaryotic organisms have this ability, although it’s most sophisticated in humans due to the higher level of processing information.

Thanks to this you can say to yourself “I see you”.

Mitochondrial collective consciousness

We see in our research, that mitochondria have collective consciousness. All of them in the body are (or are supposed to be) One. They are all connected through their own system of connection that looks like a network of wormholes. It is not the “optic cable” or meridian connection. Meridians connect everything in the cell (and the whole body), but mitochondria themselves have their own communication system, that dwells deeper.

The oneness of mitochondria translates into a person’s awareness of the collective consciousness of humanity. The better the oneness of mitochondria is, the better is the human awareness expanded beyond personal event horizon, and a person can truly feel the collective as their own Self (rare occurrence at this stage of evolution).

So there are two fundamental connections that mitochondria have: one with the nucleus, and a second among themselves as a distinct “species”. The mitochondrial tribe is like an independent nation living within another nation. We know that it is a symbiosis, but there are “family feuds” within that symbiosis. It manifests as elevated “negative” emotions, and these are frequencies that are not optimal for the proper functioning of the system.

There is one developmental moment coming to us relentlessly in our research, that  presents itself as the only moment in biology, when both connections get established at the same time. The connection between nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and the connection between mitochondria themselves.


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Mitochondria in oocyte

Our research in expanded states of awareness took us to the event, when female embryo starts developing oocytes. There is a moment, when mitochondria behave unusually. They gather around the nucleus, and surround it in a circle. When we observe this moment, there is something magnificent about it. It is almost as if this was a start of a new life, way before actual conception.

In our view, there are around 50 mitochondria (not more than 100). When mitochondria surround the nucleus, they start connecting to it. But we noticed two scenarios:

1. Mitochondria surround the nucleus, but they are not united in collective consciousness; they are not One, or of one mind. They are “one family”, but every one has separate identity. So they perform correct function of connecting to nucleus and communicating with it properly, but it feels kind of ordinary. However, it is enough for the oocyte to keep existing.

2. Mitochondria surround the nucleus, and they are united among themselves in one collective consciousness. When they approach the nucleus, even if there are separate 50 (or so) beings, they are one synchronized organism. They have one mind and one heart. There is one synchronized rhythm, one pulse in all of them. When they surround nucleus as one being, something extraordinary happens. First, the circle completes itself and closes the circuit. As a result, the circle lights up with light and a current of energy starts circulating around. Then a network of wormholes opens towards the nucleus, simultaneously, one wormhole from every mitochondria. When the connection gets established, there is an explosion of white energy/light in the nucleus, beaming vertically down and up. It really looks like the beginning of life. It appears that this process must be extremely precise, aligned and synchronized to happen properly.

We are researching this phenomena right now, as of this writing. We have a few hypothesis that need to be verified and then transformed into real changes. One of them is, that every mitochondrion must be restored / regenerated / repaired before it approaches the nucleus. A smallest deviation causes, that the mitochondrion can’t be perfectly aligned, and this misalignment is enough for the collective circuit to become closed improperly. And as a result, the network of wormholes that connects both mitochondria themselves, and mitochondria with nucleus, doesn’t get used properly. Instead, there are other lesser quality connections that are sufficient for the organism to survive, but the quality and efficiency are of a lower standard. In those conditions there is more work involved, more resistance, more additional processes, more energy used, more wear and tear, less energy available for DNA repair. It all manifest itself on a bigger scale, as we observe how humanity operates. On to one reflection.


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Mitochondrial chakra system

When exploring the mitochondrial collective organism, we noticed that the mitochondria have their own chakra system. I don’t know if there has ever been any mention of it. The regular chakra system we commonly know has 7 centers, and is  related to nuclear DNA, and in our observation, the mitochondrial chakra system has 4 centers, and is related to mitochondrial DNA.

Each center has a different quality and a different property. After looking and examining the centers more closely, I described it as follows:

1. Bottom of the body, between pubic bone and navel

  • Color – black
  • Element – carbon
  • State of matter – solid
  • Quality – pure being, presence, stillness, perfection, space
  • Foundation for – skeleton, physical body
  • It gives the DNA the quality of a crystal property, a form that can hold information

2. Above navel

  • Color – yellow
  • Element – hydrogen
  • State of matter – plasma
  • Quality – joy, effortlessness, constant movement, connection to the rest of creation and Oneness, flame, life force, hot
  • Foundation for – energy
  • It gives the DNA the quality of light and wave property

3. Chest

  • Color – red
  • Element – oxygen
  • State of matter – liquid (water)
  • Quality – softness, sensitivity, ability to navigate the path of least resistance
  • Foundation for – feeling, sensing, recognizing
  • It gives the DNA the quality of elasticity and a particle property

4. Head

  • Color – transparent, bright, no shade of any color
  • Element – nitrogen
  • State of matter – gas (air)
  • Quality – empty space and quiet, order, sorting, being in here and now, in “zero point”, cold
  • Foundation for – information processing
  • It gives the DNA the quality of a liquid crystalline property, a material that can process information with an extreme efficiency and speed


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

The flow between these parts looks as follows:

The yellow center is connected to and receives information from, the field. Then the information pass to the white center and it gets processed and sorted; as a result, information gets synchronized between the field and the organism. Synchronized information moves to the black center, and it is coded in the form of DNA. The black center feels like a “3D printer” – it “prints” received information into matter. The red center is the regulator of this system, it’s like heart. It connects only internally to the other centers and regulates the flow between them. If the red center stops its function, it causes splitting of the system and disintegration of its unity.


When we went deeper into the structure, meaning on more fundamental level, we saw those four colors in a different scenario that feels as a creation process. Here is the sequence:

  1. In a vast black space two spiral, opposite, and equal forces come directly towards each other. The opposites feel like “Unite” and “Separate”.
  2. The spirals create compression of the field between them, and when the compression is adequate, a hole opens in the “middle point” and then a tunnel forms that becomes filled with very neutral light.
  3. This center hole looks like it is a beginning of an independent system, and the opposite forces, “Unite” and “Separate” are “caught” in it. So within the hole the “trapped” forces contract and expand, and it starts creating a red pulse. The opposite forces must be extremely equal in order for the pulse to be rhythmic. Otherwise, the rhythm is erratic.
  4. The pulse feels like “Open” and “Close”, and like a beginning of life. This pulse is the force that creates flow. The pulse flows from the center outwards in opposite directions.
  5. The two black spirals are one axis, and the red pulse flow is an another axis.
  6. When they are perfectly perpendicular to each other, yellow concentric circles start forming from the center outwards. Like ripples. This mini system starts connecting electromagnetically to the field through those ripples. It sends a signal to the field, and receives signal from the field.
  7. Now, a beam of extremely bright and white light explodes from the center and beams up and down. It is a third axis. The third axis allows the system to become conscious and self-aware.


It appears, that this sequence of events is prior and more fundamental to the creation process that happens later in biology, when mitochondria surround the nucleus in oocyte, and the process is repeated on a more dense and complex level.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

Mitochondrial DNA

The deeper we’ve gone in our research, the more we started noticing, that our observations of the proper alignment, double membrane structure and the light flow lead us to mitochondrial DNA, its damages and replication.

We also noticed that the more imperfections in the mitochondrial DNA, the more complex peoples’ emotional problems, meaning less inner coherence and awareness of the deeper Self – not to be mistaken with intellectual intelligence – people can be highly intellectually intelligent and emotionally blind at the same time. Intellectual intelligence is related to nuclear DNA, and emotional intelligence to mitochondrial DNA. Coherence between them depends on inherence, meaning how well these two are oriented towards each other and bonded to each other, which results in quality of communication.

We finally noticed, that the Inherence Process by restoring proper orientation, or the angle of the light flow, and the relationship between components of DNA, repairs disconnected parts of DNA. Our constant, i.e. the sequence of movements of awareness, repairs healthy regulation, and the system finally uncouples what needs to be uncoupled, closes what needs to be closed, and opens proper gates for the light to travel. We do it by reversed engineering, accessing those processes through the emotional system, from the outside membrane of the event horizon, through the curves of light in the inter-membrane space, opening closed gates in the inner membrane and connecting to the source/plasma.

Without this precision, the bonding or coupling is kind of blind; what needs to be closed is open and allows wrong frequencies to pass through; what needs to be open is closed and light can’t go through. On the human experience level, people attach themselves to what is toxic to them, and reject what comes from light. And they do it with a strong conviction of being right. Low self-esteem and a belief in not being good enough is a perfect example.

By restoring proper light flow and its proper curves, people not only start feeling like self-aware and awake human beings who love life, but they experience physical healings as a side effect. Some spontaneously lose weight, some suddenly improve their severe skin issues, or stop relentless hair loss, some say they feel more youthful even more than when they were actually young, some unexpectedly have a need to change their diet and lifestyle, others have no more food allergies or stop having chronic gastrointestinal issues. The list goes on, not to mention significant changes in life circumstances and relationships. We are not claiming that we have a cure for diseases, these healings are “side effects” of working with emotional issues on the level of structures of light through the expanded states of awareness.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

Internal heat

In our research we are observing, that there is a correlation between emotional problems, the system degeneration and the internal heat in the organism. By saying “internal heat” I don’t mean heat as a side effect of intense work – this type of heat can harm the organism, like being overheated or having high fever. There is another type of heat, that is a product of proton being directly uncoupled by uncoupling proteins. These protons don’t go through ATP synthase, they don’t couple with anything, they are just free protons going through the “protein gate” in the membrane and the process produces heat. This heat is associated with health, excellent immune system, exceptional metabolism, good mental sharpness, emotional happiness etc.

By doing certain exercises, people can stimulate mitochondrial activity and internal heat production, like exposure to cold, thyroid stimulation, physical and breathing exercises, etc. It results in better immunity, better mental functioning, more joy and excitement, diabetes receding, natural weight loss, better regeneration, etc. There is a direct connection between health and wellbeing, and this internal heat production.

In medicine there are new approaches now directed at stimulating mitochondria to produce more internal heat, and there are promising effects for diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

Imbalance between ATP and internal heat production

We are noticing that due to the misalignment and improper orientation of mitochondria, the working balance between ATP and internal heat production is impacted.

First, there is too much ATP produced that can’t be burned because there is not enough uncoupling happening in the mitochondria. Second, we are noticing that the water produced as a “byproduct” of ATP synthesis is not very stable and coherent, because there is not enough internal heat produced. The internal heat somehow interacts with the water, and it causes the water to become like liquid crystal – organized, coherent and more stable. Thus conducting the information more efficiently and accurately. The proper interaction can happen only when there is a correct alignment with the electromagnetic waves of the field, and then the two opposites, heat and water,  create the “zero point” vortex. So the internal heat is created not only to keep things warm, but it also participates in structuring the produced water, which optimizes the function of the whole system. And in general we don’t have enough of the internal heat.

As of this writing, we are researching the interaction between heat and water. The exploration takes place on the light level, where light takes on characteristics of fire and water, before it actually turns into real heat and water on a more macro scale. It comes up frequently in our research presenting to us some important fundamental dynamics in human body, however we don’t know all the intricacies yet.


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When people go through the process, they frequently report appearance of fresh, cold and crisp air inside (like in high mountains), or sensation of cold ice, and then they get warm or hot inside. Bright light usually accompanies this process. It happens in the phase of the process when the direction of awareness got already correctly aligned and wrong coupling was let go.

In our view, when the mitochondrial orientation is corrected, the working balance is restored, and the presence of oxygen that gives that cold fresh sensation, stimulates the heat production, instead of oxygen leaking, coupling with incorrect elements, and damaging the mitochondria. At the end, it dramatically changes peoples’ connection to the Self, to the field, life, world and others. Light flows correctly, so the love flows.

That’s why on the biological level we see the mitochondria as the center of awareness. Working with them and their light production literally changes peoples’ awareness and self-awareness. Again, they are the spirit of the cell.


Testing our process on hundreds of “cases”, where everybody is different and have a different life story, we noticed that no matter what the case is, there is the same fundamental constant in “fixing it”. What appears to be responsible for peoples’ problems is wrong inherence. Which means that at the bottom there is always a wrong orientation and misalignment of the direction of awareness. Restoring proper inherence, meaning orienting the awareness (light flow) towards the center, corrects everything. It is the fundamental principle that is the origin of coherent mechanics.

The structure of human awareness has levels, dimensions and areas. Different parts of it are responsible for different processes in the human being – we have body level, mental level, micro level, light level etc. So a given problem may originate in any part of the structure, producing different kinds of symptoms. However, at the bottom of that problem there is always lack of inherence, or lack of the center orientation of the light flow.

Even when we look at the deeper layer of the fabric of space, before light appears, there is the same principle. It looks like this:


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd

The yellow ball is what we would call in human experience as “existence”, or “The I”. It encounters a vortex in space and it gets pulled in. The vortex starts shaping the existence into a particular form. The ball should go down, with the vortex, to its center. When it doesn’t resist the vortex, it lands in the center. A person feels literally centered inside, at home, knowing their own Self, happy, fulfilled, open to life, safe, trusting, loving, etc.

What we noticed is that there are forces here that act as a magnet. When there is too much of a magnetic force that pulls the ball away from going down, it is a start for all kinds of misalignments, resistance, difficulties, attachment to false identities, need for control, bad choices, dramas, “spinning out of control”, not understanding life, not trusting that everything is exactly as it supposed to be in the structure of life, bad behaviors rooted in the feeling of lack, the list is long.

On the human experience level, these bad magnetic pulls that disrupt the flow, we feel them as so called negative emotions. There are no negative emotions, however the wrong orientation in the flow make us interpret them this way. So using reversed engineering, we can access the structure of awareness, starting from easily accessible “negative emotion”, and then going down the structure. By releasing all frequencies that keep the awareness flowing the wrong direction, the ball finally can go to the center.

There are infinite vortices in the structure of space. When we look at it, it looks that there are only two things: black space, and bright vortices. The only thing that seems to be real, is the spinning vortices. Everything in between is empty space filled with hologram. The hologram is the stage for experiencing life adventures, but life itself happens by jumping from vortex to vortex with a speed faster than light. Resistance to jumping into the vortex is a root of all human problems.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd


There are a few things that are appearing when we look in the “other space”. For now they sound sci-fi, but they feel very real.

One example, we are seeing the pineal gland as being made of some incredible material, that we can describe most accurately as very bright crystalline liquid cold plasma, that is capable of sci-fi like ability to process information. However, we see that it can’t turn on its abilities, because the energy it’s getting is either not enough, or the energy quality is not powerful enough.

We see a direct connection between energy production in mitochondria and pineal gland working only with half of its capability. Mitochondria must go through some kind of an upgrade to produce “higher octane” fuel. It’s almost as if the spinning engine in mitochondria won’t be enough to do that. It feels like burning glucose is an “old technology”.

We are seeing different processes in mitochondria, that involve more electromagnetism instead of old good “steam engine”. The current energy production is not enough to turn on new features of the pineal gland. Perhaps it requires another features of space to appear. Sometimes in research we see structures that move in a most bizarre way, in 5-6 dimensional space, and it causes almost a sea sickness in the brain. Impossible to describe. Our 3D brain is not equipped enough to process those relations.

With the new abilities of pineal gland, we see that the more advanced information processing provides the body with a new way of “eating”. The production of proteins and other building blocks for the body looks quite different from what we have now. As a result, the body becomes more and more independent, less dependent on and attached to the matter. I suspect, it will go along with reversed gravity technology. The progression of evolution is about any system getting more and more complex, sophisticated and independent, so it can be born to its own life and mobility, and eventually separate from the “mother”, whatever the “mother” is, even the Earth. Only to become a part connected to something bigger.

However, no matter how advanced technology we produce, when the inner technology of the human being does not change, we will not go far as human society. The device called “human being” must be internally aligned first, before the ability of making any leap into a new paradigm of processing information. This assumes letting go of attachment to any thing or any idea, dropping the importance of anything, being able to keep awareness in the “zero point”, stop creating the feeling of lack and disconnect, drop any need for control etc. All this is a product of light flowing uninterrupted, information passed coherently and efficiently, but all this is not possible without the inherence first: where the awareness is ALWAYS oriented towards the center, like the needle in a compass never stops pointing to the north, no matter what. And if it does stop, it means that it’s broken and it will lead you astray.

The real internal change can happen only on the level of feeling. The common misconception says that it’s enough to understand something and the change inside happens automatically. There is nothing further from the truth. People usually don’t have a problem with seeing something when they are shown it. But most of the time, even after they understand themselves in their logical mind, they repeat the same patterns again and again. Because the problem on the feeling and sensing level can’t be solved on the thinking level. Very different environments and very different processes. That’s why we are more and more advanced technologically, and still repeating the same mistakes, just in a different fashion. That’s why we still don’t understand our emotional body and create so much emotional drama in the world, not mentioning declining physical health as a whole species. The change must happen inside, through the calibrating device called emotional body, so we use it to connect to the source, and not to an elusive hologram. Only when the emotional system is understood, integrated and used as intended, we will orient ourselves towards the source, stop resisting the spin of the vortex and leap to another version of the world. We will be recognized by what kind of vibration we give off, and not by how much we know.


Copyright © 2023 Katarzyna Dodd