VR Fitness – The Most Fun Home Exercise

VR Fitness - The Most Fun Home Exercise

In 2020 when the pandemic started, many businesses, including gyms, were forced to close. Looking for a substitute I could do at home, I found VR (Virtual Reality) fitness. Seeing on YT how it looks and what people say about it, I couldn’t wait to buy VR goggles. After the Oculus goggles arrived, first I bought the Beat Saber app, but then I found Supernatural. I completely fell in love with it.

In Supernatural you can find lots of trainings with real coaches, who lead you through it. First of all, this is the most fun training I’ve ever done in my life. I actually prefer it over going to gym and doing cardio. With Supernatural, my brain for the first time IS NOT BORED. At a regular gym, my mind was always tortured with boredom, so I tried to listen do audiobooks or music to survive the training. Here, I’m in the mind’s heaven 😀

Basically, you hold two virtual bats in your hands and smash black and white balls flying at you. There are also flying triangles and you have to squat to squeeze your body through it. It is cardio demanding, and depending on the training, other muscles work hard too. Also, you train your focus, reflexes and attention. You get points for every successfully smashed ball and for power you use to smash it. Sometimes you use your knee to smash them.

The surrounding is 3D, so you can turn and see 360 degree around you. The views from all around the world are stunning. You can exercise on the top of a mountain, volcano, desert, tropical island, Chinese wall, Egyptian pyramids, Swiss Alps, Greek village, and many, many more.

You can choose between easy, moderate and difficult trainings. Also, you choose the length of the training. You definitely can make your heart pumping and your shirt wet 🙂 And, of course, there is cool music you listen to when you exercise. The flying balls are coordinated with the rhythm of the music, so you actually almost dancing… And you can choose your type of music you like to listen to.

In time, Supernatural added another form of the training, boxing. So instead of bats, you have two gloves and punch flying objects using the proper boxing body form and movements. To me, boxing is even more physically demanding.

There are other activities in Supernatural; you can stretch, you can meditate or relax.

3 years later, and I’m still smashing and punching, and I’m NOT bored at all! This is the biggest phenomenon for me. What’s more, I have not returned to gym. Supernatural is totally sufficient for me, with some other resistance exercises I can do at home.

The video below is recorded in VR goggles by me, and it is just one sample song. I recorded it maybe 2 months after I started. Now, after 3 years, my form and movements are much improved 🙂 Unfortunately, on the flat screen you can’t see the 3D effect you have inside the goggles. Also, when you look from the outside at a person who does the training, you can honestly think, that this person is having some kind of a psychotic episode, or is trying to fight off a swarm of bees 🙂 It is really hilarious to watch 🙂 But inside, you are in a different world. The body gets the training, the heart is pumping happily, and the mind is in heaven.

Have fun watching!