Lack of Abundance, or Abundance of Lack…?

There are many theories describing abundance in the trendy field of inner work. Most often, this word is associated with money, wealth or good. However, this is a half-truth, because why should this word be reserved only for something that is beneficial from the point of view of the mind?

It is easier to see it in situations outside of one’s own self, e.g. we have an abundance of rain so great, that it leads to destruction, flooding, tragedy, etc. And here there is no problem to call this adversity ‘abundance of rain’.

It is more difficult, however, to say to the ego that it has created an abundance of poverty or scarcity. It will immediately fall into the defense mechanism and position of the victim, believing that if something is negative, it must be some twist of fate or opposing forces, and it is not responsible for it – because it can only create good things. And if something is bad, then “evil forces” are certainly responsible for it. Notice that this is really the attitude of a child who runs away from responsibility for something unpleasant because they can’t face it yet and are afraid of the consequences.

When the mind has a vision of reality that only the abundance of abundance is abundance, and the abundance of lack is no longer so, it is actually cutting itself off from the possibility of choosing the abundance it desires. Abundance does not discriminate whether it is good or bad for someone, beneficial or not, it just gives according to what is encoded in deeper beliefs. If we have an abundance of lack, and we say, “I don’t have any abundance in life, I only have a lack,” then we don’t recognize the positive feeling of abundance and we create in excess what we consciously don’t want.

For whoever has, to him will be added, and he will have excess;
and those who do not have, what they have will be taken from them. [Matt 13:12]

The quote clearly illustrates this: if you deeply feel that you have and deserve it, it will be given to you, even in excess. And if you deeply feel that you don’t have and don’t deserve it, then you will also get the generosity of taking from you even what you have.

There is no escape from abundance in this world. Everything (literally everything, no preference) is always given with passion and verve. It’s just a matter of where our deep attention is directed, i.e. feelings and emotions.

A common misconception teaches us that where thoughts are directed at, they will manifest it. A very deceptive belief. The correct sentence should be: where deeper feelings are directed, it will manifest.

For example, a man consciously dreams of a better job. He visualizes, thinks, creates. But underneath these visualizations is a feeling of fear and tension coupled with a belief, like “I can’t do it because I’m not good enough and I’m going to fail”. In this case, the visualization is directed not towards the images created, but towards a “safe place” where “failure” can be avoided. And this is what will manifest in abundance, not a conscious purpose.

The Universe does not interfere with where we direct our deeper attention. It will give us everything with passion and abundance. It’s no joke when we say we have free will. However, it is not about childish wants, but about the fact that no higher power is protesting against us. So if our deeper attention directs energy towards hiding, we will be supported in this and we will get it in abundance.

Hence, there are so many different misunderstandings, conflicts, failures, complaints and remaining in the victim role. The conscious mind wants something and strives for it, but there is no support from the deeper layer, because there is a belief that “something else is more important”. And the deeper layer is the one that creates.

You can learn in detail about the misalignment and disconnection of conscious thinking and deeper layer of feelings that lead to disappointments, failures and unfulfilled goals, in the book You Are the Dream of the Universe. You’ll also discover more common half-truths and misunderstandings.

To avoid the frustration of “bad luck”, “adversity”, “punishing God”, “injustice”, i.e. playing the role of a powerless victim, you can ask yourself honestly:

What do I have in abundance in life? What do I have in excess?

For example:

  • sadness
  • loneliness, no friends
  • unsuccessful attempts to enter the business
  • people who use me
  • constantly angry at everything
  • fear for everything
  • e.t.c.

There are several things you can do about this:

  • Work on discovering what is really hidden under excess of a particular matter (for example, sadness). Why is it so important? Why do you give so much attention to it? Why can’t you let it go? The Universe supports what is most deeply important to you, not wishful thinking. You have to be really honest with yourself here.
  • When you feel an abundance of lack, focus for a moment only on the feeling of the magnitude of this lack, that is, visualize the amount of it. As you feel and see this abundance and excess, redirect that feeling to something you consciously really desire.