Emotional Eating & Emotional Excess Weight

self-guided EFT program
This online program will be available on the e-learning platform in 2024. Come back to this page, or fill out the News form below to receive updates.
The program contains 42 EFT exercises, and covers the following issues:

Emotional Eating

  1. I eat when I’m stressed
  2. Eating is my only pleasure / reward
  3. Eating calms me down
  4. I can’t overcome my eating compulsion
  5. I can’t stop thinking about food
  6. I feel emptiness inside
  7. I hate myself for it and I feel guilty
  8. I’m tired of making dietary sacrifices
  9. I want to lose weight but I can’t
  10. My weight always comes back after I lose it
  11. I have to eat when I watch TV
  12. I have to stuff myself because there may be not enough
  13. I have to eat everything I have on my plate
  14. I can’t throw food away because others starve
  15. I can’t refuse food because it is a lack of respect
  16. Fat is a form of saving and hoarding
  17.  I eat fast and hungrily
  18. My mother didn’t have breast milk for me
  19. Love comes through food
  20. I can’t say NO to my favorite food

Emotional Excess Weight

  1. I don’t like my body and my looks
  2. I don’t have strong will so I can’t control it
  3. I’m ashamed of my body and I’m disgusted with it
  4. I feel inferior to others
  5. I’m afraid of being rejected
  6. I fight with myself and I always lose
  7. I constantly compare myself to others
  8. My weight is genetic so nothing will change
  9. I don’t deserve a beautiful body and figure
  10. I’m afraid my partner will leave me
  11. I’m jealous of good looking bodies
  12. It is not fair my metabolism is so slow
  13. I’m afraid I may not get my dream job
  14. My weight determines how others look at me
  15. My excess weight protects me from the world
  16. Eating gives me the feeling of safety
  17. I don’t feel attractive
  18. I feel like a prisoner of my body
  19. I hate exercising
  20. No matter how I dress myself I look horrible


  1. The wisdom of the body
  2. Good relationship with the body

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