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A must-have for all spiritual seekers

The deeper I go into the book, the wider my eyes open. So much new information, yet I had read it once before. It’s strange, but it seems that the first time I didn’t understand/feel/absorb all of it. All the more joy now and gratitude to the universe that it directed my attention back to the content. I also have a reflection that your book leads to what Jed Mckenna in his trilogy called the level of consciousness of an adult/mature person, i.e. full integration and internal harmony. The destination of all spiritual seekers. I’ve never read anything that leads so clearly and directly to this point. However, it seems that the process takes place in stages, as if layer by layer we go down to the center. Each layer is a different challenge, so the reading at a given stage shows the content needed to process it. Another stage, another topic, different content in the book. I am amazed at how universal and complete the content of this book is. It helps me a lot in working with patients, because the model the author presents clearly shows the causes of emotional suffering, as well as and above all, how to work through it.


This book saved me

This book has been my guide for almost 2 years. It is a real guide for me, because I am an adult child of an alcoholic. Every day I wake up at 5:30, before work, and do the EFT exercises for about an hour. I recommend this book with my whole being, as well as the exercises on YouTube. I’m thankful that you appeared on my life-path. Every day I’m becoming a different person who is more aware of her own self. Thanks to you and your book I’ve come out from my depression and anxiety disorder, and I’m becoming my true self. Maybe one day I will learn EFT to help others ­čÖé


A must-read

For me, this book is a revelation, touching on the most important aspects of our lives. I am full of admiration for the extremely precise way of capturing such knowledge. It gave me understanding about the Inner Child and the Parent. And all the EFT exercises after each part helped me integrate it even better.
I recommend it to every person, because if we all adopted this way of functioning, the world would be a paradise.


Book like a dream of the Universe

I was impatiently waiting for the book to appear on the market so that I could use the invaluable knowledge on how to integrate the internal structures of consciousness at any time. Knowing Ms. Katarzyna’s other works, I was sure that it was a book for life, to which I would keep coming back. I recommend it to everyone! Ms. Katarzyna, thank you very much for EVERYTHING, especially for helping others achieve emotional freedom, harmony with themselves and the Universe. I wish you many other wonderful creations.


A must-read

I am extremely happy that I am one of the people who had the opportunity to read the book “You are the Dream of the Universe”. I have already read it three times and I will read it again.
I agree with previous opinions that this is one of the most important books on the path to self-development and self-understanding. I recommend to everyone!


Beautiful book

A beautiful book, wise and controversial in the area of our habits and social beliefs.
After realizing and understanding the described processes and behavior patterns, our personal “puzzle” begins to fit into one picture.
A book that should be read by every psychologist, therapist and person who strives for self-development and improvement of their lives.



This book is fantastic and phenomenal. I think this is one of the best books I have read recently and that are currently on the market. Many things became clear and organized for me. A must-read for people who want to get to know themselves better and on the path to self-development. The EFT sessions in the book are also fantastic and further deepen the process. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Hanna Schneider


This book is an extraordinary story on my way to Adulthood.
I’m still reading, so this is an opinion based on fragments of the book, in my opinion one of the most valuable, regarding self-development, and especially an extremely helpful look at the aspect of the Inner Child and the Parent. I finally can connect the dots, and begin to understand where my suffering comes from, but I also see how the lack of an integrated Parent wreaked havoc around me. The author shows how important it is to build adulthood and maturity in YOURSELF, but without blaming, moping or self-pity. When reading similar books about the Inner Child, I focused on comforting it, taking care of it, etc. (that’s ok too), but only this book makes me realize how important the Parent’s structure is. I truly recommend this book.


Unique work

In the thicket of professional literature and psychological guides, this is, without a doubt, the best book on the subject for me. It not only introduces the issues and explains the causes of mental and emotional difficulties, but most importantly shows how to overcome these problems. And this makes it unique and exceptional. Most of the literature on the subject that I have read so far discussed various problems very well and also talked about what you need to do to overcome them – the famous “love and accept yourself”. However, a small detail was missing, which turns out to be the most important in the practical process – showing HOW to specifically solve the problem? I went through this many times, it was frustrating and discouraging because I was always left with the question at the end “How do I do this?”
Thanks to this book, I finally KNOW and I’m doing it.
The subject matter is wonderfully presented and explained. The message is clear and legible. By reading the content and using the attached audio exercises, I experience a really strong, healing process, gradually getting closer to internal harmony, acceptance and peace with myself and the outside world.
I have been professionally involved in psychotherapy for over a dozen years and I have “some” idea about the subject.
I highly recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a path to inner peace, autonomy and a conscious, fulfilled life.


Worth reading

My life has always been about spiritual development. I’m currently at the stage of not reading anything anymore. However, while browsing Facebook, I came across You are the Dream of the Universe. I bought it and that was it. I feel the book with my whole being, every written sentence speaks to me. While working on myself, I heard many times to take care of my inner child, but I didn’t feel it. Thanks to the work I’ve done in general, I have achieved sense of freedom and security, no fear. I am active, I make my decisions and although life can be stressful, there is peace inside me, security and joy. But this book helped me finally to understand this state, and it’s been called the INNER PARENT. Every sentence I read in the book opened me up even more and gave me even greater understanding of myself.


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