How the World of Beings Was Created

by Katarzyna Dodd, 2005

A long, long time ago there was a land of mice. The society of mice was organized very well, everything was working perfectly.

One day in one home a little mouse was born. The family was very happy, and the mouse was a very happy baby too. The parents called their baby Fida. Soon Fida started walking, talking, and learning everything around. It was a joyful and playful time. Fida noticed that in the society of mice there were two kinds of mice: pink and blue. They looked differently, acted differently, and they had different roles. But everything seemed to work perfectly, so Fida didn’t pay much attention to it. Fida was a pink mouse. Pink mice were called “she”, and blue mice were called “he”.

Fida was growing fast, and she turned out to be a very curious mouse. She questioned everything, and she didn’t want to accept anything “just because”; she needed to understand “why”. She wanted to play war with the blue mice, catch bugs with them, and climb trees. But they laughed at her, and sent her back to the pink mice. She liked to play with her pink friends, but she also liked those “blue” plays. She liked to bake cakes with her mother, and she also wanted to go with her father to hunt for food. But he looked at her very clearly: no way, you’re not blue.

“Something is wrong here” Fida thought. She was angry, and she decided to go to the forest and spend a couple of days there to think about life. So she did. She calmed down, gathered her thoughts, and she decided to come back and talk to all mice. But when she came back, she saw a dreadful view: everything was destroyed, mice were dead or missing.

“What happened?” Fida was scared to death, and she started running around to find any mouse alive. She found a few of them and they told her, that a gang of cats attacked unexpectedly, and that’s what was left.

Fida was terrified and helpless. Suddenly she recalled that there was a place in the land of mice, where she went sometimes with her family to visit. There was a huge statue of Big Mouse, and she was told that Big Mouse answered questions and helped in needs. So she ran to the statue and started talking and asking. But the statue remained cold and silent.

“They lied to me!”, she cried, “you’re just a dead piece of stone. Why did they tell me that you’re always with us? You were not here, when cats came! You didn’t protect us! You’re a liar too! I hate you, and I hate them!”, yelled Fida, and she ran back to the forest crying loudly. She was running, and running, falling from time to time. Finally, she was out of breath, and fell on the ground unconscious.

And then, she saw the Big Mouse…… alive.

“Aaaaaa! Who are you?! And where am I?”, she shouted.

“I’m God Mouse”, Big Mouse answered softly. “Welcome to my world.”

“Am I dead?”, Fida got scared.

“No, but I am here to answer your questions.”, smiled Big Mouse.

“What questions?”, Fida was all confused.

“All questions that you have been asking for a long time, plus those that you asked today, after the disaster with your mice”.

Fida got in touch again with the recent experience, and she exploded with anger.

“Calm down, Fida, I will explain many things to you”, said Big Mouse patiently.

There was something very soothing in Big Mouse’s voice so Fida calmed down.

“Are you really God Mouse, who created everything? Or am I dreaming?”, she asked.

“Yes, I Am. And yes, you are dreaming, but dream is a special state that mice can enter to my world. Sometimes it happens when they sleep, and sometimes when they are awake.”

“Why are you purple?, Fida asked, “I saw only pink and blue mice.”

“Hm, it is a long story. You’re pink, but if you look carefully, you may notice some blue hair between those pink. And your blue friends can also see some pink hair between their blue. But it is very hard to see it, you have to make a conscious effort. Do you see the door on your right hand? Open it and go inside.”, said Big Mouse mysteriously.

Fida felt scared, but she opened the door and went in. And she saw a world of mice. Everything looked so familiar to her, except one thing: all mice were purple. She decided to stay there for a moment and observe. The world of purple mice seemed to be very boring. All mice were almost the same, and they seemed not to have any interest in each other. It was kind of sad.

Eve came back to Big Mouse and asked for explanation. Big Mouse said:

“You see, at the beginning I was alone. I was very powerful, almighty and magnificent, but I could only think about it; I could not experience that magnificence. I decided to split myself into many purple mice, so they could be related, and experience my magnificence, and talk about it, and be grateful. And I could be delighted to watch that. But something was missing, because mice were not interested in doing that. They were carefree, and unaware of my magnificence, and so they could not share that, and I could not experience myself.”

“And what? And what?”, excited Fida asked.

“Do you see the other door? Go there, and see.”

Fida entered another world of mice. And she saw, that some of mice were pink, and some blue. “Like in my world!”, she thought. But something was strange here. All mice were blind! What was even more strange was that it didn’t seem to bother them or disorganize their lives. They functioned perfectly without sight. They were more social than the mice in the previous world, but they still seemed to be carefree, playful and focused on themselves. Fida came back and asked for an explanation. And Big Mouse said:

“After my first creation I noticed that something was missing, and they could not be aware of my magnificence. And I saw that all of them were the same, there was nothing attractive in the other mice. So I decided to improve my creation, and make the mice different. I put all mice to sleep. Then I took one mouse and divided all its features into two groups: one group of pink features, and one group of blue features. Then I made the pink group very active, and the blue group I reduced to the seeds. That’s how “she” was created. I took another mouse and did the opposite: I made the blue group very active, and the pink group I reduced to seeds. That’s how “he” was created. I did the same with all the rest of mice. Now, I thought, all the mice miss their undeveloped part. They will be attracted to the opposite mice, because they will need them to grow their seeds in order to fully participate in my magnificence. I was really content. But something was still missing. Yes, they became more social, but they still were not aware of the magnificence, and I still could not experience myself.”

“Why were they blind?”, asked Fida.

“They became blind, because they didn’t need their eyes. They were surrounded only by magnificence, so they stopped seeing it. They took it for granted. So I decided to improve my creation. Go, and open the other door.”

Fida opened the third door, and she saw a world of mice. She saw death, tears, and pain; fight, and hurt. And her own world. She jumped back quickly.

“Are you crazy, Big Mouse? You call that improved creation?!”, exclaimed disturbed Eve.

“Yes. In my second creation there was no NEED for love and magnificence. It just was. Mice were self-sufficient, they were surrounded only by my love and care, they never knew any different, and so they were not aware of it. That’s why I decided to create Ego, so mice could become self-aware. I also decided to transform myself. I became an invisible Life Force, and Love Force, so I could be ever present in the midst of all my creation at the same time. But Ego gives the illusion that you are separated from Me and my other creation. It is based on scarcity, and it is very jealous and possessive. With Ego I created an emotion: fear. There are only two emotions: love and fear. All others are combination of those two. You can’t love if you fear. You can’t fear if you love. But only by knowing fear and need you can appreciate love and my magnificence. And only by knowing love you can choose not to be afraid. And now, when I Am in the midst of you and all of my other creation I can finally experience myself. And it is magnificent.”

Fida was listening with an open mouth and big eyes.

“So”, Big Mouse continued, “you can not deny Ego or escape from it. What you can do is to accept it and embrace it. But here is the key: you can give it all your power and make it your Master, or you can treat it as your teacher through whom you will gain My consciousness. The Ego and I are integral parts of each of you; we go hand in hand. Everything is designed perfectly for your growth.”

“O my gosh! Did you also create those cats?”, asked shocked Fida, “who killed my mice and destroyed our homes?”

“Yes.”, answered Big Mouse, “You can not share my joy with me without knowing forgiveness. In a world without adversity there is no need for forgiveness, and forgiveness is an integral part of Love. The Ego wants you to believe that the perfect world is all about pleasure, because it doesn’t like to forgive and be humble. But the perfect world for your growth is right here and right now. You have exactly everything you need for your growth.”

“What about those cats?”, asked Fida, “Are you also with them?”

“Of course, it is also my creation”, smiled Big Mouse

“And you appear to them as a Mouse?!”

“No.”, laughed Big Mouse, “First of all I don’t appear to anybody. It is you who create my image. You can see me as much as you can see, and you can know me as much as you are known. The cats see me as the Big Cat.”

“Wow, you are amazing!”, said Fida.

“You see? You are becoming to know me. And it was not possible with my first creation. They were with me, but they didn’t know me, so they couldn’t enjoy my magnificence. That’s why my third creation is perfect. You are destined to become purple, like my first creation, but the difference is that you will gain my consciousness, and you will be able to feel joy and share my magnificence with me. But first you have to learn and recognize blue and pink in order to see purple and become purple. I can give you everything except one thing: my consciousness. That you have to acquire on your own, and you can do it only by experience.”

“Wow, and then we will be happy forever?”

“Hm,”, Big Mouse smiled enigmatically, “the word ‘forever’ is very tricky. The understanding based on Ego thinking wants you to believe that being happy forever is to live without end, never die, never be responsible, and always be careless. It also wants you to believe that ‘forever’ is in the future, some day, after death and so on. And I am telling you that ‘forever’ means NOW. Past and future don’t exist. Past is over, and future has not come yet. The only one thing that never ends is NOW. If you want to be happy with me forever, be present, and I’m telling you, you are already in eternity.”

Fida was stunned and speechless.

“Now, wake up and go to your mice. Teach them what I’ve said to you.”

Fida woke up in the middle of forest. Everything was changed for her. Even the forest seemed to look differently and was filled with Presence, Life and Love. She also noticed, that her fur changed its color. The pink became darker.

“O my gosh…”, she thought and she ran back to her wounded mice.