The Diamond

I found the Diamond
in the deepest chamber of the I
it dwells in plain sight
but in a blind spot

looking in its direction
and nothing there
the blind spot created by comfort
that makes your soul blind

desperate to find it
the cornerstone of your existence
lost without it in a vast space
no foundation, no direction

and here it is – I see it
a shiny object on the horizon
appeared mysteriously as a savior
‘it must be my Diamond, I’m home’

I feel like I’ve known it forever
the lure of familiar is so powerful
I lose my discernment and will
my soul sold to comfort

the ancient passenger in my soul
wakes up alive posing as God
energy rising up hot and powerful
it feels so real I can’t resist

it takes over my senses
it takes over my heart and thoughts
it gives me power
by consuming my own essence

in the moment I feel like God
the false diamond feels like God sent
not interested in consequences
the power in the moment is all it wants

deceptive comfort of ancient past
going in circles back to the same
the familiar is not freedom
it’s the soul’s forever yoke

I finally beat the game
of ancient false gods
who possessed people’s souls
confusing familiar with freedom

old gods didn’t work
but they don’t want you to know it
so you worship them again
and nothing changes

they deal false diamonds
creating comfort that is your blind spot
so you can’t see the true Diamond
in the deepest chamber or your I

I left the comfort and the familiar
false power and false love
the discomfort almost killed me
right in the center of my soul

I didn’t move, I didn’t run away
I stayed and surrendered
I chose death and collapse
didn’t buy into any savior to pull me out

pressure of pain got stronger
compressing my soul more and more
then the discomfort washed my eyes
and the blind spot disappeared

I saw it – the Diamond
transmuted in my soul by fire
and by the pressure of unknown
pain was only an illusion

it’s the false gods that felt hurt
scared of being unwanted anymore
turning truth into pain
so you run back to their trap of familiar

I finally beat the game
saw the sham diamonds of comfort
and claimed my own true Diamond
through the sober truth and unshaken will

the enslaving power of hot desire
run by a desperate need to feel alive
replaced by the power of refreshing peace
all is here, nothing else needed

you can leave now, phony gods
take your gifts of fake diamonds
and your fantasy stories used as a ruse
I choose freedom from you

I left the game of ancient gods
game of self-consupmtion through ‘the other’
they exhausted their right to be here
free world opened beyond the familiar

Kasia Dodd, 2024/04/05