Thank you

In my opinion, this book is the first book that everyone should read. The book was not out yet when two years ago I came across a film by Ms. Katarzyna explaining and showing how to calm down anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I tried, everything worked. The thoughts gradually stopped so I could slowly start… Read more “Thank you”

Roman, 48

Groundbreaking book

Before this book was published, I found the table of contents on Katarzyna Dodd’s website. And even though I spent the last few years trying to understand what had happened to me, and what had happened over the years in my life, and why such chaos and such a degree of loneliness over my 50+… Read more “Groundbreaking book”

Ewa Bartczak-Varela

Worth reading

My life has always been about spiritual development. I’m currently at the stage of not reading anything anymore. However, while browsing Facebook, I came across You are the Dream of the Universe. I bought it and that was it. I feel the book with my whole being, every written sentence speaks to me. While working… Read more “Worth reading”


Unique work

In the thicket of professional literature and psychological guides, this is, without a doubt, the best book on the subject for me. It not only introduces the issues and explains the causes of mental and emotional difficulties, but most importantly shows how to overcome these problems. And this makes it unique and exceptional. Most of… Read more “Unique work”



This book is an extraordinary story on my way to Adulthood. I’m still reading, so this is an opinion based on fragments of the book, in my opinion one of the most valuable, regarding self-development, and especially an extremely helpful look at the aspect of the Inner Child and the Parent. I finally can connect… Read more “Value”



This book is fantastic and phenomenal. I think this is one of the best books I have read recently and that are currently on the market. Many things became clear and organized for me. A must-read for people who want to get to know themselves better and on the path to self-development. The EFT sessions… Read more “Fantastic”

Hanna Schneider

Beautiful book

A beautiful book, wise and controversial in the area of our habits and social beliefs. After realizing and understanding the described processes and behavior patterns, our personal “puzzle” begins to fit into one picture. A book that should be read by every psychologist, therapist and person who strives for self-development and improvement of their… Read more “Beautiful book”


A must-read

I am extremely happy that I am one of the people who had the opportunity to read the book “You are the Dream of the Universe”. I have already read it three times and I will read it again. I agree with previous opinions that this is one of the most important books on the… Read more “A must-read”


Book like a dream of the Universe

I was impatiently waiting for the book to appear on the market so that I could use the invaluable knowledge on how to integrate the internal structures of consciousness at any time. Knowing Ms. Katarzyna’s other works, I was sure that it was a book for life, to which I would keep coming back. I… Read more “Book like a dream of the Universe”


A must-read

For me, this book is a revelation, touching on the most important aspects of our lives. I am full of admiration for the extremely precise way of capturing such knowledge. It gave me understanding about the Inner Child and the Parent. And all the EFT exercises after each part helped me integrate it even better.… Read more “A must-read”


This book saved me

This book has been my guide for almost 2 years. It is a real guide for me, because I am an adult child of an alcoholic. Every day I wake up at 5:30, before work, and do the EFT exercises for about an hour. I recommend this book with my whole being, as well as… Read more “This book saved me”


A must-have for all spiritual seekers

The deeper I go into the book, the wider my eyes open. So much new information, yet I had read it once before. It’s strange, but it seems that the first time I didn’t understand/feel/absorb all of it. All the more joy now and gratitude to the universe that it directed my attention back to… Read more “A must-have for all spiritual seekers”


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