In the thicket of professional literature and psychological guides, this is, without a doubt, the best book on the subject for me. It not only introduces the issues and explains the causes of mental and emotional difficulties, but most importantly shows how to overcome these problems. And this makes it unique and exceptional. Most of the literature on the subject that I have read so far discussed various problems very well and also talked about what you need to do to overcome them – the famous “love and accept yourself”. However, a small detail was missing, which turns out to be the most important in the practical process – showing HOW to specifically solve the problem? I went through this many times, it was frustrating and discouraging because I was always left with the question at the end “How do I do this?”
Thanks to this book, I finally KNOW and I’m doing it.
The subject matter is wonderfully presented and explained. The message is clear and legible. By reading the content and using the attached audio exercises, I experience a really strong, healing process, gradually getting closer to internal harmony, acceptance and peace with myself and the outside world.
I have been professionally involved in psychotherapy for over a dozen years and I have “some” idea about the subject.
I highly recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a path to inner peace, autonomy and a conscious, fulfilled life.

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