The deeper I go into the book, the wider my eyes open. So much new information, yet I had read it once before. It’s strange, but it seems that the first time I didn’t understand/feel/absorb all of it. All the more joy now and gratitude to the universe that it directed my attention back to the content. I also have a reflection that your book leads to what Jed Mckenna in his trilogy called the level of consciousness of an adult/mature person, i.e. full integration and internal harmony. The destination of all spiritual seekers. I’ve never read anything that leads so clearly and directly to this point. However, it seems that the process takes place in stages, as if layer by layer we go down to the center. Each layer is a different challenge, so the reading at a given stage shows the content needed to process it. Another stage, another topic, different content in the book. I am amazed at how universal and complete the content of this book is. It helps me a lot in working with patients, because the model the author presents clearly shows the causes of emotional suffering, as well as and above all, how to work through it.

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