In my opinion, this book is the first book that everyone should read. The book was not out yet when two years ago I came across a film by Ms. Katarzyna explaining and showing how to calm down anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I tried, everything worked. The thoughts gradually stopped so I could slowly start functioning normally.
This year, 2022 in October, it will be 3 years without alcohol and 2 years without cigarettes. Dowzhenko coding therapy helped for both alcohol and cigarettes. The method assumes that these addictions are autoimmune diseases.
The book You Are the Dream of the Universe showed me the mechanisms and explained what and how.
Working at the basics, i.e. returning to childhood, working through it once again, loving yourself so much that when you stand in front of the mirror you can say to yourself: I love myself, I like myself, I am pretty, etc, and without any disagreement inside, this is the real truth about ourselves. and the only good way to be.
The book is well written in a simple, accessible language without any gibberish or pompousness.
I recommend it, because if after just one book we can achieve the moment when there is peace and quiet in our heads, it is really worth it. And in peace and silence we begin to truly live. Regards

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