Inherence Workshop

Close Encounters With Your Deeper Self

4-week immersive workshop online
Next edition: To be announced

This workshop is a practical application of the book “You Are the Dream Of the Universe”, but you can take the workshop without reading the book. The book clearly explains the structures of the deeper Self, its Center (the Inner Child) and the Boundary (the Inner Parent). It helps to understand and see how crucial the integration of these two structures is. Inner peace, harmony and joy of life depend directly on this union of the deeper Self, and there is no way around it. However, when it comes to applying this intellectual knowledge in everyday reality, many people ask the question But HOW do I do it? Everyday stress, demanding situations, life problems and old behavioral patterns take over, and all the enlightened intellectual knowledge suddenly becomes inaccessible; we feel, behave and act the same - again.

The deeper unconscious motives keep these structures misaligned, and they can't see each other. It results in the feeling of being "behind the veil".
Often, there is a long distance from the level of intellectual knowledge to the level of feeling and behaving. It all depends on how many false beliefs, generational emotional patterns and personal attachments to unconscious material people encounter on the path connecting the intellectual dimension with the dimension of deep feeling. In other words, how ready you really are to meet, accept and embrace your deeper Self. The findings usually surprise.

Ewa Filipkowska and I have been working for many years in expanded states of awareness, exploring the depths of human consciousness and the mentioned earlier path “from above to below”. From this work the Inherence process emerged. It is a path of integrating the disconnected pieces of your deeper Self, and bringing them home.

The Inherence Process is a very powerful yet simple modality that you can compare to a straight tunnel with guideposts that safely moves you out of a “bad land” to a new land of light and Inner Power. You finally feel and experience what awakening truly is, instead of only understanding it.

The purpose of this workshop is to teach you the Inherence Process, its different aspects and applications, so you can easily, almost intuitively, use it in your everyday life, even “on the spot”.

Is it for you...?

Yes, if you answer positively to one of the below:

I’m tired of working on myself.
I know everything about myself and life, but my life is still the same.
I want something radical and universal that can be applied to absolutely every aspect of life.
I’m done with digging in my personal and generational history.
I’m not sure how to transform the things I know to how I really feel.
I can’t free myself from my past. I’m afraid of the future.
I don’t have good and healthy boundaries.
I don’t know how to love. I’m afraid of love.
I want changes in my foundations, not only on the surface.
I feel overwhelmed by life and other people.
I don’t feel connected to life, to others and to myself.
I don’t have time for lengthy meditations to explore my inner world.
I don’t want to think anymore, I just want to feel my deeper Self.
I don’t know my deeper Self, so I don’t exist fully.

What to expect

  • Duration of the workshop - 4 weeks.
  • Maximum amount of participants - 20
  • Every Sunday there is a 2 hour online group meeting on Zoom. We guide participants through the Inherence Process, and then there is time for questions and sharing.
  • During the week, between online meetings, participants are required to practice the process for 4 days, 0.5-1 hour a day.
  • Materials for practice are provided on the workshop platform.
  • After every practice, participants send, through the platform a private note to us, describing the experience and asking questions if something was unclear or difficult. We answer and clarify the same day.
  • Every time we meet live online, we introduce different angles of doing the process.
  • This is a VERY intensive work, so be prepared for it. After a month you will have a different relationship with your deeper Self, the world, others and life.

What you get

A tool like no other out there.
90% of inner experience and practice, 10% talk.
Availability of the instructor, every day for 4 weeks.
By fully realizing the program - comfort in doing the process by yourself after the workshop ends. You will be able to do it “by heart” in a short time (slackers won’t get the results).
A new understanding through feeling and being what awakened Self is.
Access to the materials after the workshop ends.


  • Robert

    The whole process works!! Game changer!!
    Practical aspects only, without the blah blah blah!

  • Kate

    I liked the simplicity, your caring, patience and consistency the most. This method is amazing!

  • Gregg

    I have never been so systematic and willing to work on myself as I am now. A unique experience!

  • Eve

    Now I associate the state of Inherence with what I feel - a feeling of wholeness in myself, turning towards myself, filling myself with myself - a feeling of unity and completeness. A truly wonderful state.

  • Lucy

    This process is beautiful. I've taken part in quite a few workshops in my life, which is actually a good thing as I have departed from some patterns. However, this one “does the job.” I wish all of humankind to be in this state.

  • Maggy

    This is the first time I have come across a tool
    that so beautifully disables mind control during the process.

  • Mark

    Simplicity, approaching the inner world of emotions without pompous and excessive analysis of the causes of the problem. A mature process of helping oneself to release stagnated emotions.

  • Hanna

    There is no 'you' or 'they' in this state. There is only ME. However, there is nothing narcissistic or selfish about it. Quite the opposite.

  • Alex

    Overall, it was probably the best workshop I have been to. I have learned a lot from it. First of all, I leave with the ability to carry out the process on myself (because the workshop was designed in such a way that it just happened that you learned how to do it).

  • Maria

    The process after 3 weeks. The mind is bemused :))) Can it be that simple? The power is overflowing. It may be temporary, or it may be permanent. I do not know. For now, I am enjoying this state :) ... the body seems to be present and absent.

  • Magda

    THERE IS MAGIC HAPPENING - This is a really amazing process, I don't understand it yet, but I feel very deeply that magic is happening here, that it is very deep work on many levels simultaneously.

  • Tess

    The Inherence Process calms both my inner and outer worlds. It is soothing, it makes me regain a sense of security. I have the impression that it is becoming a natural state for me. A state of personal, intimate, silent happiness :)

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